Hyno Your Way To Happiness...


Helen x

Are you feeling unsure about how Hypnotherapy will work for you?

Maybe you are feeling nervous or anxious about your first session and what exactly will happen?
I think you will be surprised about how relaxing it really is! Hypnosis is a deep form of relaxation and during your first session with me, I will be introducing you to just how relaxing it is. All you have to do is lie back in a comfy chair, (with or without a cosy blanket), let your body relax and your mind will follow.

The experience of hypnosis is a little like when you drive your car along a familiar route and you suddenly become conscious that you were in 'your own little world' for the last five minutes....you had literally 'zoned out' whilst still operating the car! That 'wondering off' of your mind is a form of hypnosis. But when you come to work with me, you simply lie back, relax and listen to my voice.

We will work through your difficulty together, so don't worry, I'm here to support you through your own journey on the path to finding the 'real' you once again.

I'll send you recordings to hypnosis that we usually do first in the session. This will cement the work that we do during the sessions.

Soon you will find that you are beginning to feel more relaxed, calmer in everyday situations, things will begin to change. You will find that you can start moving forward in your life once again, step by step. With every step you take the more those blocks will begin to be released, will begin to lighten and lift away from you. Imagine what it will be like to be able to breathe so much more easily once again and to be able to achieve all those goals that you have set your heart on!

Hypnotherapy is fabulous! All you have to do is be open to it, be willing to practice at home and allow it to happen for you. All the answers are within you and I am helping you and your amazing mind to find them! Then, I give you positive suggestions under hypnosis, to help you implement the changes that you need to feel better. It's great!