Payments and Cancellations

Prices and Payment Plans

A Single Hypnotherapy / Therapy Session

4 Session Deal (paid for in full, in advance)

4 Session Payment Plan (paid over 4 months
£65 per month- £260 in total)

2 Session Deal (paid for in full, in advance)

2 Session Payment Plan (paid over 2 months
£65 per month- £130 in total)

Skype Single Session

Skype 4 Session Payment Plan (paid over 4 months
£55 per month- £220 in total)

Payments For Hypnotherapy/Therapy, EFT, Matrix

The 30 Minute Initial Consultation is FREE.

In order to begin Therapy Sessions clients are required to pay in advance for the first and each following Session in advance. This shows the client's intention to commit to therapy and focuses the client's mind. It is required that clients either pay at the end of the Initial Consultation in person or via the website payment system at this time.

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Payment Plans for Hypnotherapy/Therapy

Payment Plans are affordable ways to pay for Sessions over 2 or 4 months. Once you begin your Subscription you are required to complete ALL payments for the chosen plan until the total payment is paid in full. If payment is not made in full, then steps will be taken via the relevant channels to retrieve full payment. Sessions usually comprise of one session per month.

Please contact me to book sessions via Skype or Facebook Messenger Video.


Clients are required to make cancellations at least 24 hours before their appointment time. This allows other clients the opportunity to come for a session at that appointment time.


Refunds are not given at The Therapy Hub.

However, where clients cancel Therapy Sessions at least 24 hours before their appointment time, sessions are transferable. Therefore the client is able to make another appointment over the next week or so and their payment transfers over to the re-arranged appointment.

Therapy Sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment time are not refundable or transferable. The client will therefore lose their payment for that session and will need to pay again to arrange a new appointment.

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