Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Hypnotherapy/Therapy?

It is not like Stage Hypnosis or what you might have seen on the TV. I won’t be making you cluck like a chicken or anything else like that! Hypnosis works with the Subconscious Mind. We access the Subconscious through creating deep relaxation and then making positive suggestions to help you with your difficulty. Coming for Therapy is very much team work.

How long does a Hypnotherapy Session last?

It lasts between approximately 60 – 90 Minutes per Session.

How will I feel during and after Hypnosis?

Some people are highly attuned to listening to my voice during hypnosis, whilst others will either hear parts of what I say and others simply hear nothing until they are counted back at the end of Hypnosis. This depends on the person and it’s okay to experience it at your own level. The Subconscious is still listening! Time is always given at the end to have a drink of water and a chat in case your still feeling a little sleepy after the hypnosis.

Want to know more about how I can help you?

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