EFT (Tapping), Therapeutic Art and Matrix

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At The Therapy Hub I offer a blended approach to Therapy, which is tailored to the client's needs.

Therapeutic Art Techniques are used as a form of therapeutic hypnosis, in particular for those clients who find it hard to verbalise their emotions and thought.

Through a variety of Art Techniques such as: Visualisation and drawing, EFT and drawing or Visualisation and making...and other Therapeutic Art Techniques the client is able to explore their emotions through visual, auitory and kinaesthetic techniques. Therapeutic Art can help clients to move forward in a positive way or help clients to move forward that have been 'stuck' in Therapy.


EFT (Tapping) is a powerful technique based on the ancient Chinese medicine of Acupressure. EFT involves tapping on the end points of Meridians that run through the body. However, you don't need to worry as EFT doesn't involve any needles or pressing on any points! During EFT I teach you to gently tap round on these points, which are mainly based on the upper body, face and head. EFT can be used for a wide range of difficulties...from Anxiety, to Stress, Phobias, Pain etc It can be used as an emergency Technique to send calming signals to the brain...to release that tight feeling you might experience in your chest, to help you to breathe better, calm that racing heart.

Matrix takes EFT a step further and releases that we keep stored in the ECHO. It is a transformative technique that helps to change negative belief systems from the past into new positive beliefs.