Getting to grips with your stress triggers

You might be wondering…well what is a stress trigger?  A stress trigger is something that sets off that cycle of feeling uncomfortable, that starts you on that road to feeling nervous, or frustrated, angry or upset, that thing that keeps you awake at night.  So what types of stress trigger could it be? Well, it…

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What is Stress doing to me?

So, what is Stress and how is showing up physically?  Read on…to find out more about stress and in what ways it may be showing up for you in your body. What is Stress? Stress is that uncomfortable feeling we get when we are struggling with something. We may also experience it in anticipation of…

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

What can I do to get my stress down the natural way? Sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a way to reduce stress the natural way. However, I share with you today, 5 ways to reduce stress using the natural approach. Reducing stress doesn’t have to difficult, tiresome or mundane. There are many ways…

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5 Myths About Hypnotherapy

  So What are These 5 Myths About Hypnotherapy? I can make you cluck like a chicken?       No…I won’t be making you cluck like at chicken! That’s not what Hypnotherapy is about.  It’s not like Stage Hypnosis, you know… the sort of thing that you might watch on television or at the…

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Three Ways To Breathe Your Way into Calmness

3 Ways To Breathe Your Way into Calmness. Are you looking for a way to Reduce Anxiety and Increase your Feeling of Calmness? Is this question popping into your head – ‘How can I use Breathing as a way to HELP ME?’ Here’s 3 Breathing Techniques that you can use to calm anxiety down :…

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