How can I help you?

I help people to remove the 'blocks' and 'limiting beliefs' that they have about themselves and the world around them, so that they can move forwards in their life, once again, with clarity, vision and self-confidence.

Helping you to move forward with Clarity, Vision and Self-Confidence...


Hi, I’m Helen Taylor and I’m a Therapist specialising in helping people who are 'stuck' in life, maybe due to blocks such as stress or anxiety or beliefs that they have about themselves that may lead to a lack of self-confidence.

I can help you to manage stress better, calm anxiety and boost self-confidence so that you are able to move forwards again.

When we get 'stuck' we experience symptoms which show up in our body and mind.  So, it may be that you are experiencing difficulty getting off to sleep, you often wake up in the night worrying about lots of things which seem to buzz endlessly round your head or get caught up in negative thinking.  I can help work through and release all that, so that you are no longer exhausted, you can begin to think clearly again, re-focus and step forward with clarity and vision.

It could be that you are confused about what you really want or you are nervous....or that in order to manage feeling in control you have developed coping strategies or habits such as: OCD or phobias, biting nails, over eating or smoking...

These are all created in your subconscious and our beliefs about why we need to do them are created to protect us.

What I do is help people to clear all that by getting to the root cause, releasing it and replacing it with positivity.

This can be done using Hypnotherapy, EFT (Tapping) and Art experiences.

So, if you want to find your way forward once again and need help to get rid of all that heavy 'stuff' you've been carrying around, then:

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Working with Me – Hypnotherapy

We will work through your difficulty together, so don't worry, I'm here to support you through your own journey on the path to finding the 'real' you once again.

EFT, Therapeutic Art and Matrix

Therapeutic Art Techniques are used as a form of therapeutic hypnosis, in particular for those clients who find it hard to verbalise their emotions and thought.

About Me

Hi, I’m Helen Taylor, originally I trained as a Primary School Teacher. I worked in Education for almost 20 years before re-training to become a Therapist.