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Helen Taylor
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Helen is amazing! I came to her with numerous issues related to anxiety and emetophobia amongst others. She helped me to learn techniques to reduce the anxiety through EFT and deep relaxation hypnotherapy which has proved to be really effective. Not only has she done that but she is also just a generally fantastic person to have a chat with, making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I would highly recommend her.  Thank you so much Helen!  

G.S  - September 2017

Meeting and working with Helen was a great pleasure and I believe it has helped me immeasurably. 

Her hypnotherapy techniques allowed me to relax, visit scenarios and recognise factors concerning my life.  My time with her enabled me to open up as well as some much needed expression of feelings.  I shared my concerns and life matters, this was extremely therapeutic.  Helen was also able to identify factors in myself that I was never aware of and now I can recognise these and how they effect my daily life.

Helen herself is lovely, welcoming and kind.  I would recommend anyone try her therapy.

Best wishes and thanks again Helen.

J.G. - May 2017


The Therapy Hub with

Helen Taylor

Does hypnosis work? Well,  read on... Helen helped me through after a traumatic incident which left me being apprehensive about entering back into my home after being out, especially after dark.  During and after my sessions with Helen, I gradually became more confident and reassured about entering into my property and now I feel that I'm back to my usual self once again.  I would thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone who needs help with any difficulties they are experiencing.  I was very lucky to have her support at the right time.

L.W. - May 2016

Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even look at a spider on the TV let alone in the room!  Now I am able to calmly remove a spider by using my special spider remover tool and put it in the garden.  It is such a relief to feel I don't need to be so anxious about coming across spiders any more.

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