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What can I expect?

  • Hypnotherapy allows the person to enter an altered state of consciousness. Everybody experiences a level of hypnotic trance in their daily lives.  We reach a level of trance when we are driving our car and we suddenly arrive at our destination without remembering the journey or when we are engrossed in a film.

  •  During hypnosis the person is in a relaxed state which is induced by focusing the mind.  There are various levels of trance that can be achieved.  Some people may take several Hypnotherapy sessions to reach a deeper trance state and others will get there in an earlier Hypnotherapy session. 

  • During trance the hypnotherapist can make suggestions that enter our subconscious mind and alter how we respond to different situations or experiences. 

  • The client is always  safe and in control during Hypnotherapy. Under trance a person can never be made to act in any way that they would not consciously feel comfortable with.  Hypnotherapy is not the same as 'Hypnotic Stage Shows', people are always able to bring themselves out of trance, if they choose to. 

  • Hypnotherapy has very good success rates in helping with a whole range of client issues including: stop smoking through hypnosis, hypnotherapy to lose weight, self esteem,  phobias, anxiety, habits etc


If you have any questions before commencing  treatment, do not hesitate to ask.  

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