- An enhancement of EFT

Matrix Reimprinting is a cutting edge technique developed from EFT which still utilises many of the tapping points.  I use it in combination with hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis.

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that enhances health and well being, allowing clients to 'tap' into memories and change them.  These memories may have been stored in the subconscious but also in the body or external energy field. 

We can alter how we experience life by changing the pictures in the Matrix.

​Hypnosis and EFT - What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a holistic mind/body gentle tapping technique (using the tips of the fingers) which is based on several acupuncture points on the face and upper body.  

The EFT technique can be a direct route to revealing our emotions and core beliefs running behind our initial feelings.  EFT can be used to treat anything and everything.  The EFT practitioner can work by tapping on the client or the client can match the practitioner and tap on themselves.  

The EFT technique can be taught to clients to be used as a method of self-help at home.  

EFT can bring long lasting relief by changing the energy we bring to any life situation.  

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EFT and Matrix